About Us

About Us

All About Birds’ have over 26 years of experience
We here at All About Birds aim to provide a comprehensive and well researched site that all people no matter what their specialty or level of experience can utilize.

We will endeavour to achieve this by drawing on Craig’s lifelong love of birds, knowledge, and expertise. He has an extensive knowledge of genetics and colour mutations as well as a heart felt passion and desire to breed quality birds.

We breed a diverse selection of Australian, Asiatic, Amazon and African Parrots as well Green Cheek Conures and all colour mutations.

Bird lovers and Aviculturists require an enormous amount of real commitment to ensure the preservation of aviary populations of birds in Australia.

Ever since Craig Aquilina was a young boy, he has been fascinated by birds and interested in their conservation. In 1979, Craig and his father purchased a yellow peach face parrot from Merrylands pets and aquarium’s. They were instantly “Bitten by the Bug” so to speak. They then were to join such clubs as the African Love Bird Society of NSW and The Parrot Society of NSW and experience the blessings of establishing life long friendships and associations with other bird enthusiasts.

It is from these humble beginnings, that Craig has established himself as a reputable bird breeder of both aviary birds and hand raised companion birds for the public throughtout Australia.